We advise, you decide.

Highly-qualified and highly-trained experts can advise you on all aspects of managing your finances and your investments. Your private banker will work together with you to select from the extensive and diverse range of products the portfolio that is right for you and that is tailored to your needs and objectives. The final decision on investment lies with you; your private banker assists you with his/her expertise and advice specific to you and your circumstances. This allows us to satisfy your expectations, now and in the future.

Both markets and personal requirements change over the course of time - your investment strategy will, of course, do so too. We are happy to inform you about the latest developments in the financial markets, offer you our expertise at all times and assist you with your investment decisions.

The benefits to you:

  • Professional advice from highly-qualified experts
  • You make the final investment decisions yourself
  • We keep you informed about current market developments

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