A precious metal as an investment.

The reasons for owning physical gold go beyond the possibility of its price rising. As a long-term investment, gold can reduce the overall risk attached to your portfolio, and provides support when the public and markets lose trust in other assets. Including gold in your strategy is a great way of balancing market volatility and the returns on your investment portfolio. In times of emergency, it can even be used a bartering item. People from all around the world understand the value of gold. Gold remains gold, wherever you are. In the short term, however, the price of gold can fluctuate significantly.Erste Bank is one of the most important traders of precious metals in Austria. We purchase gold through the Austrian Mint, whose supplier is certified in accordance with ethical and sustainable criteria. You can buy gold from us as an investment in the form of Austrian Mint gold castings and gold Philharmonic coins without incurring value added tax. We offer convenient storage options for your gold investment.

The benefits to you:

  • Protection – gold can protect your portfolio in times of crisis. Data shows that, on average, when the equity market declines, gold has historically risen more than fallen.
  • Stability – a long history of holding its value
  • Tangible asset – real physical value that is uncomplicated and accessible at any time
  • Liquid and portable – gold is easy to sell and it can be carried everywhere you go.

Risks to keep in mind:

  • Gold prices can fluctuate significantly
  • Currency fluctuations are possible
  • Capital losses are possible

Please note: In addition to the opportunities described, an investment in gold also involves risks. Past performance does not enable any reliable conclusions to be drawn about future performance.

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