Investment funds

A comprehensive range of funds and services.

Do you have own investment ideas of your own that you want to realize? Or do you prefer to have investment professionals actively looking after your investment from a holistic perspective? Investing in a fund gives you the benefit of letting the fund work for you. With our comprehensive range of funds and strategies, we offer you investment solutions that are tailored to your needs, without tying you to Erste Group products.

Our investment strategies

  • Fixed income
  • Equity management
  • Multi asset management
  • Responsible investments
  • Emerging markets
  • Individual investment solutions

The benefits to you

  • Diversification of risk
  • Liquidity
  • Expert management
  • Flexibility to invest in smaller amounts
  • Transparency

Risks to keep in mind:

  • Asset prices can fluctuate significantly depending on the strategy
  • Investments in foreign currencies can be affected by changes in exchange rates
  • Capital losses are possible

Please note: In addition to the opportunities described, an investment in securities also involves risks. Past performance does not enable any reliable conclusions to be drawn about future performance

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