Discretionary Portfolio Management

You set the goal and our team of experts works to achieve it.

You expect personalized advice and best-in-class service. Our discretionary portfolio management offers you access to a wide range of investment opportunities that can help you achieve your goals. Your personal needs, financial objectives and risk tolerance will be used to set the baseline for creating your portfolio. Your private banker will see to it that your strategy is implemented according to your specifications, and will report back to you regularly on progress. Our investment specialists will select and actively manage your assets, giving you the benefits of a proven, structured investment process, as well as all the expertise of a personal financial consultant with the size and clout of an international financial services provider.


You are at the centre of what we do 


Why are you investing? Having clear reasons or purposes for investing is critical to investing successfully and we will help you navigate through your short and long term investment objectives

Investing Attitude

Your sensitivity towards risk and your return expectations help us establish the right level of risk exposure


You will discuss the accessibility of your assets and determine your desired level of involvement

Implementing your strategy

You get a team of investment specialists who use a range of asset allocation solutions to adjust your portfolio dynamically so as to invest your assets in a return and risk-optimised way throughout all the market phases.

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Keeping you on track

Portfolio management is an ongoing process. Your private banker will arrange to review the progress of your portfolio with you at a frequency of your choosing. Additionally, on a quarterly basis you get a complete overview of your portfolio composition, investment strategy and performance and can decide on whether to continue with your defined targets or change them.

  • Assets
  • Portfolio performance
  • Detailed portfolio holdings
  • Securities account transactions
  • Tax information
  • Management activities
  • Comments on the market situation

Risks to keep in mind:

  • Asset prices can fluctuate significantly depending on the strategy
  • Investments in foreign currencies can be affected by changes in exchange rates
  • Capital losses are possible

Please note: In addition to the opportunities described, an investment in securities also involves risks. Past performance does not enable any reliable conclusions to be drawn about future performance.

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